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Year Of The Dog Ghost Stories

Sightings of a glowing Dachshund have been seen in the Baker Street area.

By Ellie-Louise Style

Today marks the Chinese New Year of the Dog, but it seems it can even be celebrated beyond the grave and not only by humans.

Baker Street is known to have a quite a few of ghost sightings throughout its past, but the most common sighting is of the glowing Dachshund dog. It is thought that the dog has been visibly seen by members of the public since the year 1900.

Baker Street
Source: Public Domain Pictures

There have been many reports from people about the dog, some say they see it running towards them, and then all of a sudden it runs straight though their body and disappears. While others hear the crying and howling of the dog in a distance, but when they try to find it it is never found.

Residents that live along Baker Street have said they can see the glowing dog from out of their windows at night, sometimes it stares at them from the darkness, while other nights it will be wandering up and down the street.

It is rumoured that the dog actually belonged to two women, but one day it suddenly disappeared on a cold October night and never returned home. Ever since its disappearance its ghostly figure with a yellow glowing rim around its body has been seen by many people on the Baker Street stretch of road.

Sausage Dog
Source: Tam Tam

The legend has it if you walk the stretch of the road on a dark October night with a small dog toy or a bone then it may even come and take it out of your hand without you even realising.

However, the mystery of how the dog died or where it disappeared was never known, even Sherlock Holmes never figured it out.


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