Ghost Sightings In East London

There have been some spooky goings on around the East of London, so here’s some of the most haunted places.

By Ellie-Louise Style

London is full of famous ghost stories, whether its the ghost of Anne Boleyn who has been reportedly seen carrying her head around the Tower of London on many occasions, or whether you’ve heard of the famous Jack the Ripper stories, and how his victims still haunt the capital. In fact, one of his victims is still thought to haunt the area where he brutally murdered her, you can find the exact location she haunts just on our map below.

Jack the Ripper
Source: WikiMedia

East London may not be one of the places you would assume has some of the most haunted places, but if you think that then you’re wrong. Some of the most gruesome stories have happened around this area, these date back from the tudor times right to this day and age, including the people that died tragically in the World War Two bombings. One of the most famous World War Two ghost stories is at Bethnal Green tube station. Many residents were trying to get into the station during a bombing, as it was used as an air raid shelter, however not all of them made it into there in time.

Bethnal Green Station
Source: Bob Walker

Everyone goes on the ghost tours around London, but some of them may miss out some of the most haunted locations, therefore we’ve put together a few locations that are reportedly haunted, and the stories behind the people who have died there. Plus, the exact location of where people have seen the ghosts, so if you dare to you can go and even visit the spots yourself. Although, if I was you I’d definitely take someone with you, just incase you do have an encounter with one of the ghosts.