Central London is a ghostly hot spot for catching sight of scary phantasms.

by L.L.

Below is an interactive map of ghostly sightings in Central London. You’ll be able to scroll over them to find out who is watching you from beyond the grave as you stroll through London’s streets.

If you’re sitting enjoying a pint of Samuel Smith’s finest in the John Snow pub situated Broadwick Street you might catch site of piercing red eyes glowering out at you from the corner. Or if you fancy tuning in to Absolute Radio, which has it’s home at no. 1 Golden Square, have pity for the DJ’s there. The station is built on a plague burial site and if you go into the basement you may hear children’s voices crying out, or maybe that’s the just the choice of music Absolute Radio plays.

Central London Ghost2
source: Wikipedia

With London’s theatre district being one of the oldest in the world and a magnet for eccentric characters, the area is full of ghostly sightings. The clown Joseph Gimraldi has been seen at two of central London’s theatres. Actors and staff  at both The Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Sadler’s Wells Theatre have made reports of seeing the apparition helping actors find their way around the stage. At the Sadler’s Wells theatre he is said to have been sitting on a box with his make-up on watching the performance. If you suffer from coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) then seeing one as a ghost probably isn’t going to help. However, legend has it that if you see Gimraldi before or during a performance it is a sign of good luck.

Central London ghost1
source: Wikipedia

The centre of London has whole host of ghost stories. Below is a map of some of the more popular ones. Click on the map and roll the disembodied floating hand over the red dots (chosen for their similarity to piercing red eyes) and you’ll see the name of the location and a synopsis of the sighting. If you live in the area then sleep well at night knowing you could be bedfellows in possibly the most haunted part of the capital. If you are visiting then enjoy all the city has to offer and go to one of these places in hopes for an other worldly experience!