White Ghost
Ghost Stories

Valentine’s Day Ghost Stories

It may be seen as a happy day by many couples across the world, but love can also have a dark side.

By Ellie-Louise Style

In the Bertha Rungate story this was just the case. There have been many sightings of Bertha at Vermont House in Shooter’s Hill where she once lived. It is thought that the sightings of her have been seen dating back to the 1900’s. The story behind her hauntings is deeply disturbing.

Shooters Hill
Source: Kleon3

It was known that Bertha was quite the jealous type. She had one main love of her life, her cousin Philip Rungate. It was apparent that Philip was not interested in Bertha’s love after telling her many times. Instead he spoke to her about his own heartaches.

Shooters Hill
Source: Stephen Craven

Bertha was deeply upset by him not being in love with her and Philip was brutally murdered. His remains were found in the bottom of Vermont House. It has never been known who the true murderer was, but Bertha got the blame.

Many people have witnessed Bertha’s ghost lurking around the house, and they claim that she floats around in a dark purple dress with blackened eyes, and a withered looking frame. If you visit Vermont House you may just see her too.


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